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What are cookies?

  1. Cookies are used on this website to provide the user with certain automated form functions, for traffic analysis and marketing purposes. Cookies are usually deleted automatically when you close your internet browser. In addition to these cookies, cookies that remain stored on the user’s computer for several months or years, depending on the user’s settings, can also be used on the website. The reason for using such cookies is the ability to provide the user with the most relevant content and allow for the most comfortable use of the website.
  2. Third-party cookies may also appear on the website. These are mainly inserted ads or add-ons (plugins), etc. Therefore, third-party cookies are also stored on the user’s computer. The reason for storing third-party cookies is the ability to address the user with a relevant offer and content. The Provider is not responsible for the use of third-party cookies in accordance with applicable regulations.
  3. Cookies of the Provider or third parties do not contain any personal data and collect only pseudonymous data associated with the user ID. These are the data about which pages the user viewed or what content they searched for. These data are never linked to the user’s personal data.
  4. The user can influence the use of cookies on their computer by setting their Internet browser. However, some functions of the website may be limited in this way.


Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox


  1. The Provider’s website uses analytical tools to measure performance and traffic, in particular Google Analytics, Google Inc.’s web analytics service. Google uses cookies, which are stored in the memory of the website user. This information is usually transmitted to a Google server, where it is stored in memory. In the case IP anonymity is ensured on the website, Google will first shorten the user’s IP address within the EU Member States or in other states that are parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. The Provider uses this information to evaluate the activities of users on their website and to enable the use of other services related to the use of the website. Google does not associate a user’s IP address with their personal information. The data are anonymous.
  2. The user can cancel or restrict the storage of cookies on their computer or mobile device by correct software setting, usually of the Internet browser. However, in this case, the functionality of some parts of the website may be limited.
  3. User data is stored on Google for 26 months. For more information about the retention of personal data used to analyse website traffic, please visit the Google website – Google Analytics Data Retention.
  4. Google Analytics can store user’s demographics such as gender, age, location, etc. The data are anonymous.
  5. Google Analytics can be linked to the Google Search Console, used to analyse Google full-text searches and ways how users enter websites. This analysis may include the transmission of demographic and other personal data of the user. The data are anonymous.
  6. Google Analytics can be linked to Google Search AdWords, which is used to display online advertising (in the form of text and graphic banners) and to target the advertising on the right audience. This analysis may include the transmission of demographic and other personal data of the user. The data are anonymous

To prevent Google Analytics cookies from being stored on your computer, you can use this tool:

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

For more information about Google’s processing of personal information, privacy and cookies, visit:

How Google uses cookies
Privacy policy and terms and conditions


  1. Third-party plugins (applications) are connected to the Provider’s website, such as e.g. Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, AddThis, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. These applications are stored and run on the servers of third parties. The Provider cannot affect the protection of personal data when third-party applications are used.
  2. The Provider’s website uses third-party plug-ins that allow the users to share, comment, rate the content of the website on social networks or register with a third-party account. In this case, the Internet browser creates a direct connection between the user and the third party, in which cookies are used and the user’s data are transmitted between the website, the user’s browser and the third party’s server. As a rule, the data are not linked to the user’s personal data. The Provider uses fundamentally reliable sources of plugins and add-ons on their website, but cannot guarantee the functionality or reliability of third-party plugins.
  3. In the case of the user’s action on this website via social plugins, these actions may be displayed on third-party websites depending on the user’s account settings (e.g. Facebook Like, Google Plus, sharing on social networks, etc.).


  1. This website may display advertisements involving third-party advertisements and may be used to display advertisements on third-party websites. The advertising system can use PPC or PPI technology and remarketing. These technologies are used on the website in order to provide the user with the most relevant offer, even on third party websites. Through personalized advertising focused on the user’s interests, the Provider provides display of advertising which is interesting for the user.
  2. Advertising is displayed on this website and on the websites of third parties using cookie technology and analysis of user behaviour on the Internet.
  3. This website may use the Google AdWords advertising system, Facebook Ads, etc.


This website may contain maps using Google Maps. This service may store personal data of the user regarding their location.


  1. Users of this website may contribute their content in the form of comments, reviews etc., either directly on the website or on the company’s social networks or on their own social network pages in the form of sharing and rating.
  2. Any content, information or other forms of data and communication that have been posted on by users on this website or shared via social networks and other applications, as well as on third-party websites, shall not be considered confidential and shall not be subject to trade secrets.
  3. The Provider does not take responsibility for user contributions, information and communication. At the same time, they expressly prohibit the publication or transmission to of any illegal, threatening, defamatory, obscene or other material that offends human dignity or is of any discriminatory nature on this website.